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Amber is a great dog.  She is a crowd pleaser and exciting to watch.  She has the marking ability and desire of a field trial champion. 

1st AKC Junior Hunt Test

Rose Country RC

Spring, 2005


Rita Robbins

John Green

Sire-GRHRCH Go West Sylus MH

Dam—HR M.D.’s Cotton Rascal

Born—December 30, 2003

CNM and EIC Clear PIV

Optigen Clear/Normal for prcd PRA

Optigen Clear/Normal for RD/OSD

OFA Hips LR-157126G24F-PI

OFA Elbow LR-EL29602 Normal

CERF Eyes LR-45795/2006—29

Amber and I began to day train with professional dog trainer Steve Stidham, of Sulfur River Kennel located in Wolfe City, Texas in the Fall of 2006.  With the Master National in mind, Amber and I started our quest for Amber’s MH title and the opportunity to attend the 2007 Master National in Richmond, Virginia.    Under the  guidance of Steve Stidham, Amber finished her AKC MH title at the Heart of Texas Hunt test in May 2007.   However, with the new MN qualification requirements in place, Amber would need to earn 8 passes to get an invitation to attend the national event. 

After earning her MH title, Amber went with Steve Stidham for intensive  training on handling and the chance to earn a few more passes to attend the MN.  From Steve’s watchful eye, she then traveled to Webshire Kennels in Larsen, Wisconsin to train with Lisa and Brian Hartfield to earn that last qualification.  She got her 8th pass at Chippewa Valley RC in June 2007.  

2008 We’ve taken a year off from training and testing and it shows.  Soon we will start up again day training with Steve and running more tests.

2009  I ran Amber in some Qs and finished a few.


UKC Hunting Retriever Champion

Zip Code’s Amber Alert,

AKC Master Hunter

FAQ about Amber -

Height 21 1/4” at the withers, Weight 59—61 lbs Moderate build, shorter legged than my black dog

Amber is easy to have in the house.  Quiet when the door bell rings and quiet in the back yard.

Amber’s Page

Raven’s Way HRC Inaugural Hunt Test, Feb.‘06

We spent the Spring of 2005 day training once a week with Gay Houser of Lightfoot Kennels in Valley View Texas.  By May Amber was ready to test at the Senior level.  At the time, fellow club member and professional dog trainer Tim Slattery was making plans to escape the Texas heat and travel to the upper Midwest for summer hunt tests.  Amber went to Tim’s on Memorial Day 2005. Tim worked on Amber’s handling skills and enhanced her keen sense of desire, handling her to AKC Senior Title in 4 out of 4 tests in June and July 2005. 


Starting in the Spring of 2006, Amber and I got busy entering Hunt Tests.  Starting with Raven’s Way HRC Club, we earned 2 seasoned passes.  Then at Tejas HRC’s 20th Anniversary test, Amber earned her UKC Hunting Retriever title.  Our most memorable finished test was the Spring 2006 Four States HRC Test in Maud, Texas.  After Amber ran straight down the log on the water blind, the judge announced to the gallery and the other handlers that they had all been “outdone” by this woman and her dog!  Amber finished up her UKC Hunting Retriever Champion title that Spring at North East Texas HRC.

In the Fall of 2005, successful amateur field trial competitor, Ken Robbins, took me under his wing.  He taught me how to handle Amber at the line, how to train with factors, and how to set up more advanced training concepts.  We were able to train together 2 to 3 times a week that Fall.

Amber’s Training Background

Amber produced a litter of 6 puppies with FC AFC Rebel With A Cause, in November 2007.  Together Rebel and Amber produced 3 fox red pups, one dark yellow and 2 yellow pups.  Keep your eye out for these pups in the hunting marshes, Tournament hunting TV shows, and retriever events.

FC Trumarc’s Costalotmore

Amber is expecting puppies by Morey in early April, 2010.  Pups will be ready for new homes on Memorial Day Weekend.