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Collar colors—Pink, Burnt Orange, Maroon, Red, Black, and no collar (blue)

December 20th, Puppy Watch Day 32

The puppies have been out in the breakfast room for about a week.  They seem to like being around all the action.  More and more they are making it to their box for their business.  They have been eating blended dry puppy food, puppy formula and water for about a week.  Additionally, Amber is still nursing them from time to time 2-3 times a day.  This morning after eating the mush, I threw a few kibbles and water into the food bowl.  A few of the pups enjoyed pushing those around.

With all the mild weather this week in Texas we have made it outside 2-3 times a day. 

Day 32 Puppy home phase 3

Rebel Amber puppies on Day 52

Red Collar

A photo collection from our first breeding.  Please notice the importance we give to puppy socialization, cleanliness, and a variety of experiences for the litter.